Transform the management of your MikroTik devices with OptiWize
A simple and efficient solution to save time, increase productivity, and attract new customers.

OptiWize will forever change the way you manage your devices!
Save time, boost productivity!

With OptiWize, we offer you an unparalleled experience in managing MikroTik devices. Our service handles the technical details, so you can focus on what truly matters: your customers and your business.

Our main features:

  • Autoprovisioning: Set up your MikroTik devices with a single click. Standardize and automate for hassle-free configuration, wherever you are; send installers on-site and remotely configure connected devices with just one click!

  • SDWAN with Elastic IPv4: Take your application performance to the next level. We ensure quality and resilience through automation and the use of multiple connections with a dedicated public IP! (and now also with Smart Bandwidth Aggregation)

  • Proactive Monitoring: Don't wait for an issue to arise. Receive real-time alerts and keep your routers always up and running; discover how to turn a customer's "darn" into a "Thank you".

  • Batch Provisioning: Configure multiple devices at once. It's never been this easy.

  • 1 click configure: Thanks to the templates (both community and private), you can, for example, activate an IPsec VPN in just 10 seconds!

  • Backup: Safety first. With our daily backups, your configurations are always secure.

  • Troubleshooting: Advanced tools to quickly analyze and resolve any anomalies on your MikroTik devices (ping, traceroute, speedtest, Torch, DHCP leases, IP scan, etc. with just one click).
An example ?
  • Without OptiWize
    1) The upset customer calls because they have no connection.

    2) You find out that two days ago the main connectivity failed, and the backup SIM took over, but in the meantime, it ran out of data...

    3) So you drop everything and open a ticket, hoping they resolve it quickly while you top up the data allowance (if you can).

    The system is eventually restored, but the customer remains unsatisfied. 😡
  • With OptiWize
    1) OptiWize sends you an instant notification when the connectivity fails.

    2) You call the customer to inform them that the backup service they purchased has kicked in, and you immediately report the issue to the provider.

    3) Once the main line is back up, you notify the customer that the issue has been resolved.

    Thanks to OptiWize, you've saved time and earned a grateful customer. 😀
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Through automation, SDWAN optimizes application performance and improves service quality and resilience through multiple connectivities, even from different operators.


Access your MikroTik in terminal or winbox in one click directly from the OptiWize dashboard, without having to install additional software!


OptiWize's secret weapon: OptiWize's template management allows you to update the configuration of all your MikroTiks at any time with a single click, saving 67% to 82% of your time.


OptiWize's auto-provisioning system helps you configure your devices in a straightforward, fast, and automatic way according to a standard, even on the go!

Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring allows you to effortlessly and automatically keep watch on all your MikroTik devices and receive proactive alerts when anomalies occur on your customers' MikroTik routers.

Mass provisioning

With mass provisioning, you can automatically configure many devices at once, saving time and effort. Ideal for those who manage many devices and are tired of manually configuring them separately.


OptiWize's backup feature allows you to configure your router to perform daily automatic backups and be sure that your configurations are safe and ready to be restored in case of an emergency.


The troubleshooting suite analyzes MikroTik anomalies and lets you perform a series of checks (such as Ping, Traceroute, Neighborlist scan, Bandwidth test, Torch, IP Scan, and DHCP lease) on your MikroTik devices directly from the OptiWize dashboard.


Enhance security with Uania's Shield; it is an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) perimeter protection service that enables customers to protect their Internet traffic through enterprise-grade UTM technologies placed in Uania's datacenter.
Discover more about OptiWize's features on our Youtube channel.
Who is For?
  • ISP
  • WISP
  • System Integrator
  • MSP

Are you an ISP, WISP, System Integrator, MSP, or do you simply have a large network of MikroTik devices to manage?

OptiWize is the answer to your needs. Customize your experience by choosing between our cloud or on-premise solution. And fear not, our support team is always at your disposal, ready to provide assistance in your language.
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