Transform the management of your MikroTik devices with CloudTik
A simple and efficient solution to save time, increase productivity, and attract new customers.

CloudTik will forever change the way you manage your devices!
An example?
  • Without CloudTik
    1) The unhappy customer calls because they have no connection.

    2) You find out that the main connectivity went down 2 days before, and the SIM backup kicked in, but in the meantime, it has run out of data...

    3)You give up and open a ticket, hoping they will fix it quickly while you recharge the data supply ceiling (if you can).

    Eventually, the system is restored, but the customer is still dissatisfied 😡
  • With CloudTik
    1) CloudTik sends you an instant notification when the connectivity fails.

    2) You call the customer to inform them that the purchased backup service has kicked in and immediately open a ticket with the provider.

    3)When the main connectivity line is up again, you inform the customer that the issue is solved.

    With CloudTik, you saved time and gained a grateful customer 😀


CloudTik's auto-provisioning system helps you configure your devices in a straightforward, fast, and automatic way according to a standard, even on the go!


Through automation, SDWAN optimizes application performance and improves service quality and resilience through multiple connectivities, even from different operators.

Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring allows you to effortlessly and automatically keep watch on all your MikroTik devices and receive proactive alerts when anomalies occur on your customers' MikroTik routers.

Mass provisioning

With mass provisioning, you can automatically configure many devices at once, saving time and effort. Ideal for those who manage many devices and are tired of manually configuring them separately.


CloudTik's backup feature allows you to configure your router to perform daily automatic backups and be sure that your configurations are safe and ready to be restored in case of an emergency.


The troubleshooting suite analyzes MikroTik anomalies and lets you perform a series of checks (such as Ping, Traceroute, Neighborlist scan, Bandwidth test, Torch, IP Scan, and DHCP lease) on your MikroTik devices directly from the CloudTik dashboard.
Discover more about CloudTik's features on evoseed's Youtube channel.
Who is it for?
  • ISPs
  • WISPs
  • System Integrators
  • MSPs

And for anyone who needs to manage their MikroTik devices in just a few clicks.
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